• http://www.idoseo.com David

    What?! Checkout is fantastic – I’m trying to get most of my clients to work with Checkout – it’s seamless and I am in love with it so much I cancelled a costly (for me) merchant account.

    PayPal has always come over as being cheap looking and sounding and I use it if I must

    Someone must have their #s wrong…….

  • joe

    As a consumer, I hated Checkout — and so did almost about everybody (and I know quite a few of them!) who used it back then. Things may have improved now, but given how bad the experience was, I ain’t giving it a try ANYTIME soon!

  • Ruben Rodriguez

    I’ve seen several versions of this press release and none of them have included the list of questions that were asked.

    I discovered that if you get ripped off by an Ebay seller and you used Google Checkout instead of Paypal, you’re on your own.

    I’m not naive enough to believe that a sharp elbows company like Ebay is powerless to discipline its sellers solely because the buyer didn’t use all of Ebay’s services to complete the transaction.

    Google shares some of the blame for these survey results too: I searched in vain on Google Checkout for a link to report the rip-off or to at least dispute the charge.

    I ended up having to resolve the problem through my bank.