• http://www.markrushworth.com trooperbill

    Are there any recomendations for this as i appreciate its a nasty issue to face. and does webmaster tools let you add a folder and assign a country?

    might need to try that?

  • http://searchengineland.com Bill Hunt

    Hi trooperbill,

    GWT does allow you to set a directory equal to a country. For example mysite.com/uk could be set to reflect the UK which is easy.

    If I am trying to cover all Europe with a single English site by writing “European content” and put it in a directory named “emea” such as mysite.com/emea I am not able to set that for multiple countries. I can only set it for 1 country and would be better served not setting any.

    Compare the cost of multiple domains and localized content to a physical presence in a company – the web is a bargain.