• Chris Koszo

    Deep crawl is amazing! A bit pricey, but some of the largest sites I know use it on their staging environments as a QA tool before each release. Of course the SEO aspects of the tool are great needless to say as well.

    Screaming frog is like a Ferrari, perfect and amazing at everything it does but you can’t take too many friends along. Deep crawl in comparison is like a G6.

  • http://www.mobiliodevelopment.com/ Peter Nikolow

    (Disclaimer: I’m author of similar desktop software SEOSpyder)

    Memory can be issue on desktop softwares, but honestly server software lack of functionality. You can’t compare apples and oranges.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/marcnashaat Marc Nashaat

    We’ve been using deep crawl for a little over a month now and I’m absolutely in love with it. I created a 30 minute video for internal training ..maybe I’ll end up publishing it on the powered by search blog and linking to this article as my inspiration. There are a ton of really cool features that haven’t been mentioned here (and some features mentioned that I didn’t know existed)

  • http://tweetphiladelphia.com Eric Van Buskirk

    Great post. I think a case could be made for the custom reports and API SEMrush does (I’m an employee and that’s what I work on). You’ve really forced me to look at these two “competitors” of ours more carefully if for no other reason than to make sure our pricing is competative. I talk to people like you less than I would like. I’m very surprised more people don’t see the value of “big data set” seo research for finding Search trends for their clients, acting on competitors wins and losses, and then proving succes with the same kind of search trend analysis.

  • http://www.chrissanfilippo.com/ Chris Sanfilippo

    The reporting and tracking feature is VERY nice. Probably not going to bring a positive ROI for an agency though since you would likely need the $1,750/month plan. For an in-house team though it would be perfect. Very impressive.

  • http://www.iprospect.no Morten Mikalsen

    Hey Marc. Have just applied deep crawl and would really like to see the video