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    An awesome information on SEO indeed. From last couple of month i have seen that that url shortner are gaining a rapid growth due to it’s usability in twitter and other social networking sites. But what you have said is simply a stunning news. Thanks for sharing.

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    Well recognized and described this matter. There is one hint I can give you, as a German who lives in Switzerland. You can only register German TLDs with an administrator (admin) address in Germany. That’s why the normal way to register a domain name in Germany is to make it over an hosting provider in Germany. What I think is stupid, because in most cases you have to book a hosting plan with this company to get registered and you are bound to this provider. And that was the idear behind this law. Meanwhile many international Registrars have contracts with German hosting providers who function als admin for the registered domains without claiming a hosting account in Germany. One is for example networksolutions https://www.networksolutions.com or here in Switzerland Switch http://www.switch.ch . So you are independent from a hosting provider in Germany. :-)

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    Hi Bas,

    As far as I know, specifying a geographic target is actually impossible when using a country-specific TLD such as .nl or .de.