• dbher

    H Carrie

    Thanks for this article. You’ve done a great job explaining the process. I’ve been searching for a simplified way to learn this and so far you have dumbed it down enough for me to understand. I have one more question though if you don’t mind,

    1) I implemented the script in the link and now I’m trying to test to see if it’s working but my GA isn’t reporting anything yet. Would you know how long it usually takes to start getting reports. I’ve clicked on the links that that i’m tracking but nothing is showing up yet. So should I assume there is an error or does it take GA time to report the event?

    2) Other then the original GA tracking js script I put in the section of my page and the snippet i put into the link, do I need to add any other script to help implement the event tracking. I’ve read so many articles on the web about this, some from Google (but they don’t explain it very easily) in fact Google has added a script in additional to the original GA script in the section? Here is what I mean:


    I tried their way but that didn’t work either, my outbound page didn’t load This is driving me nuts. I can’t figure out why it isn’t reporting and my site is such that my goal is to direct my visitors to click on my suggested outbound links thus my bounce rate is high and I need to know whether it’s because they are leaving thru my preferred avenues or on their own so any insight on this would help me greatly

    Thank you so much

  • http://twitter.com/chiragparekhseo Chirag Parekh

     Carrie, thanks for such a great post. Is there any need to call _trackEvent in main Google Analytics code? I mean is there any alteration needed in main GA code? IMO following line will be required.

    _trackEvent(category, action, opt_label, opt_value, opt_noninteraction)

    what you suggest?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/33H3EEZ2UTUADO26E6YDUGJJ5A Kevin

    i want to know how do i video event track kindly describe