• http://www.seoskeptic.com/ Aaron Bradley

    Fascinating! Thanks for this Janet.

    In regard to image and other non-textual files, it will be interesting to see if authorship snippets might (either now or in the future) be generated on the basis of structured markup. schema.org/ImageObject, for example, has the property author, which in turn could be linked to a Google+ account using properties of Person. And with JSON-LD now supported as a recommended format for schema.org, one could conceivably provide authorship information to the search engines for non-textual data types.

  • http://www.CliXelerate.com/ Tamara Meier

    Oh the irony of an authorship snippet not being surfaced for, um, authors. ;-) Thank You for taking the time to play with so many iterations – great info there, and some interesting opportunities. Appreciate the article & the time!

  • Clifford Blodgett

    I am still hoping they will let you submit your articles which they might have missed. Have some old articles (2006) on some quality sites that didn’t have the correct attribution and am waiting for them to get picked up.

  • http://in.linkedin.com/in/ashvinivyas Ash Vyas

    Hey Janet,
    Really fascinating and interesting. Thanks for sharing your study result with us. The most interesting is to get to know Google started supporting authorship for few types of images as well..

  • http://www.20milesnorth.com/ Rob Jenkins

    Hello Janet, I was curious if on your word docs you have the author set on your document? If you go into your doc folder, and select it (don’t open it) on the bottom pane it has a bunch of meta data that you can edit (categories, tags, title, comments)that maybe Google can read that and is how it is telling you are the author even when you remove it from the document itself.

  • http://www.tvsinternetmarketing.com/ Carmen Rane Hudson

    Awesome info! This tidbit about adding a bio to other types of content is amazingly helpful. Thanks!

  • Jean-Baptiste Pichancourt

    Nice post. another limitation.
    It has also not been implemented for scientific research papers (.pdf) published in international peer-reviewed journals, and that can be browsed simultaneously from general google search engine and google scholar. As a scientist, I hope google will implement this (and for books). Cheers – jb

  • Patrick

    Thanks for this blog. I am very close to getting Google authorship set up as I want.
    The one point I cannot grasp is how to associate a Word or PDF file with Google+.
    I have a link from my profile to the document and the document has “By Patrick Trowbridge” in it.
    The Structured Data Testing Tool doesn’t pick it up as there is no rel=”author” associated with the PDF file, I suspect.
    If I could get this to work I have a dozen or so articles I can link in.