• jeff22

    We noticed that many online retailers are not ready to setup additional shopping carts on Facebook to process orders as it would require multiple consoles to manage customer service and order processing. Our agency has been working with SortPrice to build Facebook stores and have we have been very successful so far. Their order processing is easy as all orders are processed directly on the retailer’s site via the product landing page. They have a good track record and power the store applications for over 1000 retailers some of the largest in the game. I believe they are still offering it for free if you list your products their engine

  • Eugene

    > The final transaction occurs in the application that is off of the fan page, but still within Facebook.com.

    Facebook will reduce the width of all the apps` tabs very soon. The new width is 520px only.

    Since this day, all the apps that process checkout and transactions on fan pages in tabs, will have to fit the small area of 520px. Can you imagine a full-featured product page or checkout page in 520px area? It will look awkward and ugly.

    That’s why the checkout on a separate page inside Facebook is a good idea.

  • http://www.blast4trafficnow.net mikecoder

    This facebook shopping cart is really an extension of what facebook as the leading social networking site has to offer. I like it.