• TimmyTime

    Excellent article. The cloud is everything for many people but it can disappear in a second.

    Always forward e-mails to your ISP address while leaving them on the server.

  • http://www.BestPerformanceEFT.com Amber Brooks

    ANY email account can be hacked. We are ALL already using the cloud you just didn’t know it. No matter who you have email with it can be hacked and accessed from anywhere in the world. Switching to Google email is no different than Comcast or AOL or AT&T email. It’s all stored somewhere that is not your house until you download it. If you use outlook then after it is downloaded it’s stored on your pc but it can still be hacked. I see no difference in Gmail than any other mail service. The new risks are imaginary. You were already taking the risk when you signed up for email years ago. Now storing docs online is more of a risk but you have been sending the same docs through email for years so the risk is only slightly more.