• http://profile.yahoo.com/PYFVPA52PTVVBLT6NKNRZ4LYKE steppppoS

    Disappointing article. I thought there would be something specific about how this company achieved success. Instead, it’s a lot of generalities and fluff. You say: “Keep track of traffic to your company’s online properties – including total Web visits, unique
    visits and total calls and clicks for each platform.”

    Hey, welcome to SEM 101!

  • http://ChiefAlchemist.com/ Mark Simchock

    On one hand I agree with stepppoS (who commented previously). On the other, every now and then a solid back to basics reminder is in order. Too often the buzz around the latest shiny new objects is deafening to the point of being distracting. An article like this helps to remind us all that regardless of channel and/or technology there are still best practices that remain universal and timeless. 

  • fobusiness

    Absolutely agree. “Pinpoint ideal customers by drilling down their ages, genders, education levels, and incomes to create distinct ‘customer target profiles.’”  These are just great lead questions to ask a potential new client, and often basics we tend to forget.

  • http://ChiefAlchemist.com/ Mark Simchock

    Based on my experience it’s a process of vetting and mitigating. There’s no short cut. There’s something to be said for working through that process. For example, business plans as actual road maps that can be followed are a false god. However, going though the process of developing the biz plan does enlighten us to the parameters and *potential* opportunities that lie ahead. But to see we have to look, yes?

    No one believes that a cape is going to defend the matador from the bull. But no one advocates he/she enter the arena blindfolded either. The cape is a tools. It’s a means. It is not the ends.