• simonvs

    Interesting article the issue of ‘web performance’ is like a hidden problem and ‘competitive edge’ at the same time.

    Shopzilla recently disclosed that when they increased the speed of their website by 5 seconds it resulted in a 25% increase in page views, a 7%-12% increase in revenue, a 50% reduction in hardware, and a 120% increase traffic from Google.

    Thats compelling for any online business.

    I would have been interested in hearing about some options for improving the performance having identified issues – you took it as as far as identifying the problem. There’s a lot of buzz about Aptimize WAX being used to dramatically increase page load speed. Have you any suggestions that don’t cost the earth so that peole can do something if they have a problem?

    In my experience managing websites most people, technical and non-technical have little idea that their website renders slowly for many of their customers – in the past when feedback came into me i’m sorry to admit that I always assumed “user error” i.e their internet connection, their browser, their ability – fast for me so its fast. I now, ofcourse, know differently.

    Checkout the speed of your website on something like webpagetest.org (ideally look at investing in some web performance monitoring package, especially if your customers are global), if your page takes over 7 seconds to load do something about it – it will make a difference to your business.