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    Good example of the smart marketing.

    All presidents/founders/co-founders of NoName companies, publishing obviously promotional articles all around, should study how does smart marketing look like.
    Feel the difference between smart marketing and annoying promotion.

  • http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    To expand on John’s points. The local businesses I work with often find these advantages of PPC advertising most compelling.

    You hit on the radius targeting which is clearly very valuable.

    Target any device – I can target a Smartphone only, a PC or both. Businesses that have know the phone call is a key piece of the conversion funnel find this option very lucrative. Tow truck, locksmith

    Exclude or target specific keywords, demographics and Geographics.
    A basic set of options we have all used, but when properly implemented the ability to reduce unwanted expensive traffic and hone in on your perfect prospect is awesome.

    Exclude or target specific websites through display ads.
    Place your ads on the exact pages of a highly trafficked website that YOU KNOW is perfect for your local audience.

    Reporting/Analytics – Automating the generation of high level reports gives the small business owner the information they need in a format they can consume.

    Attribution reports
    Many small businesses have never evaluated how their sales happen in great detail, “we get referrals” is a common refrain. Attribution reports really opens their eyes to exactly how their customers are behaving throughout their sales journey. It also helps them understand why a mix of ppc, social, and seo are all important to the conversion funnel.

    I have many more from my own perspective, but these are the ones that I have found small businesses really latch on to.

  • Alan Mitchell

    Although it seems simple, and is nothing new, I strongly believe there are massive opportunities for SMBs to stand out from the competition by providing more relevant and tailored ads: http://www.calculatemarketing.com/blog/techniques/the-australian-ppc-opportunity/.

    Businesses who struggle to get a good ROI from search advertising need to seriously look at their campaign execution.

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