• http://www.JiansNet.com briteguy

    hey Andy,

    Your article brings up a very interesting and less discovered topic, the multi-lingual SEO space. I agree with most of what you mentioned, but as for the SEO effort of multi-lingual sites, I have some more thoughts as follows.

    1) You mentioned that “no one knows how to mix SEO and translation or has even figured out if this really adds to search engine performance.”. Well, I have a Chinese/English bilingual site, JiansNet.com, that’s ranking well for both Chinese and English keywords for Google and Baidu. I got traffic from Baidu and Google both for English keywords, Chinese keywords and a mix of both.

    Of course, I translate interesting articles myself from English to Chinese, in web tech, USA economics, USA ecommerce, etc.

    2) One thing I am toiling with, I guess most multi-lingual sites are having problems with is, whether to do a separate subdomain for each language, or have all languages on the same page? Right now I am leaning towards one site that has both English and Chinese content, and have the labels, buttons to be in two languages. It works for me already, but I am just now sure if a separate English only sub-site would make more sense.