• Jared Frasier

    I prefer the less cluttered look from Google.

  • http://www.rivmedia.co.uk/ Adam H

    I agree Jared, although i love to see someone giving google a run for their money the flat design style and pastel colours are much nicer. I suspect the colour contrast is a big player in what people will like and dislike about OSM

  • Durant Imboden

    The OSM maps remind me of the printed street maps from major European map publishers. There’s nothing wrong with them, but their denser design probably works better on a big sheet of paper than on a small electronic screen. (The fact that the denser design doesn’t necessarily deliver more information, such as more street names, is another disappointment, and the lack of satellite view is a dealbreaker for some of us.)

  • http://findingseos.com/ Cody Jensen

    Pretty excited to see this…Love the competition, it breeds an overall better UX.

  • Kshitij Maurya

    I think Apple can acquire OSM and give it a shot by merging it with Apple Maps that failed miserably earlier.

  • AndiG88

    You can easily change the style of OpenStreetMap. MapQuest Open is for example a style similar to google.
    http://open.mapquest.co.uk/ or select the layer on http://www.openstreetmap.org/

  • http://www.sbr-technologies.com/ SBR Technologies

    you are right @Cody, it’s really an exciting competition going on between OSM
    and Google Maps. OSM looks more attractive than the Google Map because of its
    colorful exhibition. More than 1.5 million people are registered in OSM. Even if
    you’re looking for detailed maps of the Olympic sites around Sochi, OSM will be
    your paramount choice rather than Google Maps.