• http://frekklz frekklz

    I have been split testing a call to action (for quote enquiries on home appliances) with 4 different ads. But they are similar with only word variations in the call to action. Week to week there have been 2 of the four that show good constant conversion percentages but the other 2 jump around from being top dog to barely scraping through. From a monthly conversion the two rock solid ones are better. So I’m looking to keep those while “spicing” the other two up.

    I also think I need to further split test them based on their product categorie rather than just a generic one for all.

    Great article BTW.

  • http://ConversionScientist.com Brian Massey

    frekklz, isn’t it great to know which call to action to place your bets on? Thanks for the kind words.