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    Avinash is right – the weighted sort in analytics is killer. Wouldn’t mind knowing a bit more about how that’s determined, however. It would help us make decisions about how to act on trends we spot, etc.

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    The advancement of technology always looks ahead, as it should, but with the rapidly changing landscape of business there is a huge gap and incredible opportunity for small business. Much like many 3rd world countries who did not have a developed infrastructure when cell phone technology became available, small business can skip over a lot fo the clunky stages and because they have fairly small amounts of data, they can easily leverage basic tools to leapfrog large businesses very quickly. Simple tools like Google analytics and call tracking can be so cheaply and easily implemented and have such a significant impact they can literally be coupled with AdWords and change a business overnight. Don’t get me wrong, I love my larger clients and playing with the new tools and technologies, but let’s face it, 60% of the businesses out there are small businesses and 90% of the value for those folks is still in the implementation and use of the basic analytics 101… That’s where the real opportunity lies in our business, helping the little guy save his business, not helping the big guys dominate!