• http://www.topranksearch.com David

    Speaking as someone who has tried all three I have to disagree.

    Google Page Creator wins flat out for ease of use, simplicity and the easy HTML and gadget access

    Yahoo! Site Builder? I have honestly tried and tried to get this right over the past few years (since release but find it so user unfriendly and with awful templates that force you into businesses for more attractive templates)

    MSN Office is the usual MS headache and once again I have really, really tried.

    I don’t expect anything for nothing and am happy to pay for something good – Google usually always get my wallet vote with every paid release (Picasa) – Google actually make me feel guilty not giving them money – I sometimes go to the Google Store to give them something back for their efforts.

    My opinion.


  • http://www.keyrelevance.com christine

    Thanks for writing in David. You bring out a very important point that probably should have been highlighted more in the review – that being the Google tool allows direct access to the HTML. To the code literate this is a HUGE plus. I heartedly agree with you David, that if you’re a coder, you’ll love the Google Page Creator and the flexibility it offers.

    As far as the review is concerned, I was viewing the tools through the eyes of a small business and sadly, many small businesses don’t have coders on staff. They may be experts in their niche, but often they need to rely on a web designer or WYSIWYG editor for their web site.

    The review on the free tools focused mainly on the usability and hand holding supports for someone who was unfamiliar to code and web design – “if you didn’t know anything about building a web site which tool would be easiest to use.” With the Google tool, many important functions were buried in odd places and the lack of a standard template made it difficult to create and maintain a site.

    Think of the tools as a canvas. The Google tool hands you a blank canvas and a palette of colors. If you’re an artist you know what to do and appreciate the freedom. If you’re new to art, you may be intimidated by the options and actually want the paint by numbers approach.

    Something else to keep in mind about the tool is that the Google tool is relatively new. The other tools have had more time to mature. A future follow-on article after the tool has gone through puberty is probably appropriate.

  • Barny

    Just a quick one – using the “choose another site” drop down in Google Page Creeator, you can create multiple sites, with different names, so your URL isn’t limited by your gmail address.