• http://www.solaswebdesign.net Miriam

    What a thorough article this was, Christine!
    I really appreciate the time you put into researching these tools so exhaustively.

    Sounds like they still aren’t going to be a clean, across the board replacement for a professionally designed website. Fiddling with HTML as a workaround may seem easy to us, but to a novice, I think this would remain a prohibitive feature of what you are describing above.

    I think it’s an interesting facet of doing business online that some people approach this with the concept that they first have to become a web designer before operating a web-based business, and others simply hire a webmaster to deal with the development and maintenance so that they can be free to create products, handle sales, talk to customers, etc. It’s a dividing line between 100% do-it-yourself-ers, and people who need to delegate different tasks to different experts so that they can focus on their own area of expertise.

    Great article!