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    On ResourceShelf,

    We’ve also linked to a few original pages about Quearo from late 1995 and early 1996.

    Also, look for a link to more background from the current Project Theseus home page (in English).

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    target market french and German farmers by any chance – I can smell the pork from here

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    Some clarifications:

    1. the Grant for the research PROJECT (not a search engine) comes from Germany not from the EU, as it might be a violation of free trade etc. EU had to approve this first.

    2. the Project ist NOT about developping a search engine but to do research on semantic web and other technologies; the money will be spent during 5 years (YES, not months like Google and others) and will trickle down to a bunch of universities and other institutions

    Don’t mix it up with the French QUAERO project that is now mostly driven by Exalead, a French company indeed running a Search Engine.

    There is NO EU Project, only some talks between France and Germany, a French Project Quaero, a German Project Theseus and the EU that has to accept such grants.

    Not your fault – those projects are complex, even for a native speaker.

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    Yeah… sorry to say this, but it’s a waste of money and time. Anyhow, good luck to them, they’ll be needing it!

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    I just read wingthom’s clarifications. If it’s a research project fine, congratulations. But if their real hidden motivation is to implement the research work into a search engine, it’s a waste…