• Andy Taylor

    Eh…The ‘long tail’ is so different for different types of advertisers, doesn’t really make sense to write it off in bulk. Sure, you should be looking for other channels outside of SEM, but probably also a good idea to make sure you’re getting the most out of SEM.

  • http://www.outbrain.com/ Will Fleiss

    Great article David…thanks for the Outbrain shout-out! I would say in large part the search community has yet to embrace content amplification as a channel that can drive ROI, but I believe that is all going to change.

    Anyone interested in a $50 discount for testing out our platform please email me at wfleiss at outbrain dot com.

  • David Rodnitzky

    Andy, I was definitely referring to the long tail of SEM, I can’t comment on other long tails out there!

  • David Rodnitzky

    I agree with you Will, though I also think that Outbrain would get a lot more traction with the search community by providing more granular targeting options!

  • http://www.outbrain.com/ Will Fleiss

    I don’t disagree David, though you might be surprised by the amount of targeting we currently offer. Much of it is not exposed in the DIY user-interface, but we can help you with it on our end. Targeting by mobile device is just one example. Our targeting capabilities will soon become more clear and accessible, so I’d say there’s currently a somewhat hidden opportunity for the search marketer willing to exchange a few emails :)… btw thanks for the referral to Global Image Factory!

  • David Rodnitzky

    I think you should send me an email so I can hear more about the secret targeting opportunities! :)

  • http://www.alanmitchell.com.au/ alanmitchell

    I’ve found that even for ‘medium tail’ searches, which have a decent search volume and which Google allow ads to be displayed, most PPC advertisers are still showing generic ads:


    Although the large majority of ads in a long-tail PPC strategy will probably never get shown, I’ve found hundreds of examples where targeted long-tail ads do indeed get shown by Google, and stand out from the competition as a result.

    I think we’re still a very long way off from reaching saturation in SEM (at least here in Australia, although I imagine its a very similar story in the US).