• http://www.empoweredseo.com/ seokid

    excellent information thanks Josh

  • http://www.jiglet.net John

    Some good stuff here. I’m interested in the concept of buying ad space on a competitors site and putting analytics code in there. How exactly would one accomplish this – Would you need to design an ad in flash and put the analytics code in the flash file?

  • Josh Dreller

    That’s right, John.

  • http://www.architechsw.com pavlicko

    Josh – you’re the man.

    Thanks for the tasty “nuggets” of information from SMX. Surprisingly, I know a lot of them, I just forget to do them – the flash ad call to analytics tip is awesome, I’ve been using that for almost a month – I’ll be surprised if they don’t figure out a way to block it in the not too distant future, but for now….

    I also like the tips on local vs. toll free numbers, and the utm nooveride tip. That’s one I didn’t know, but should come in handy.

    This one’s been bookmarked –