• BeeKaaay

    Google enforces the rules strictly on non-leftists, while leftists slide.

  • JeffW8

    I think the stretch was made claiming that the “Is it safe?” ad was misleading. There’s absolutely nothing misleading about what they are advertising, and it is 100% relevant to the topic of the search. Google simply chose sides on this one.

  • Durant Imboden

    The ad might be appropriate if the search query were “abortion safety” or “abortion clinic safety,” but the query was “abortion clinics.” Whether or not it was misleading, the ad was poorly targeted to the query and shouldn’t have been displayed.

  • Isabella

    How can “is it safe? what are the risks?” be misleading? Those are the common questions of people who are thinking about “abortion” or even “abortion clinics”. That is not misleading and I’m sure these ads pop up because these pages have been used a lot to get answers for a lot of questions that “abortion clinics” avoid or be truthful of (especially on risks like fatalities, which have occurred, after-effects like depression, and ethics). Or users simply want to see answers from a non-affiliated abortion clinic to have better knowledge on the entire situation.

  • Anteela

    Some of their ads are definitely misleading and violate quality guidelines. Pro-life pregnancy crisis centers have a well documented track-record of advertising for women who want abortion, when that is not a service that they provide. That should be criminal. Google made a good call by simply upholding their quality guidelines. It’s hardly special preference.

  • Richard Selby

    if that was the case, then there would be a whole lot less pro-fracking ads there.

  • willhaven

    Well of course they’re marketing towards that demographic – that seems to be their entire purpose for advertising in the first place.

  • BeeKaaay

    That’s the only exception?

  • Richard Selby

    It’s one I’m personally aware of. It’s significant enough to prove your point wrong.

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