• http://www.elijahclark.com/seo-orlando-company.html Darryl M

    Anything abused is spam. so this should be a no brainer. Dah!

  • http://www.dreamtechie.com/ Admin

    Hey ..My blog is open for guest posts but only for quality guest posts.
    Generally i used to avoid making exact anchor links but sometimes on the
    request of author i create such anchor link… is that thing can harm my
    blog ?

  • Steve K

    Seriously? I would do a guest post because it gives me a juicy back link back to my site, which helps me rank higher in the SERPS to ultimately do one thing – Make More Money. I’m not in business to give fluffy posts all day long for free. Your in business to either make money or your not. If you like to blog for the fun of it – I’m cool with that.

    Google steals your content all day long and makes around 40 plus Billion every year from it. Nuff said..

  • Steve K

    Tens of thousands of sites have been penalized for being white hat all the way. Don’t kid yourself to believing the PR spin by Matt Cutts. Many high quality sites get tanked daily by Google just because. You build a brand so people eventually just go directly to your site and avoid searching in Google.

  • http://www.thewordchef.com/ Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef

    Lots of good stuff here about press releases. But what about contests (where folks are publishing links to all the participants’ websites)? Or handing out badges for the sidebar (that link back to the contest’s site)? Do all of those need to be no follow now, too?

  • http://www.trekim.com/ Dean Dawkins


  • http://www.adriaday.com/ Mirsad

    Is it than wise for me to comment here or not than?? :))

  • http://www.imarketsolutions.com/ Matt Dimock

    Ummm … Google was actually built using the concept of PageRank, with the core idea of providing an unsurpassed user experience with undeniably better search results completely geared towards their users. And Google’s not leading you to just use on-site keywords, let alone do they even like people focusing on PageRank. So, yeah …..

  • Abbas Sarfraz Sheikh

    Great move I believe. This will discourage building keywords ranking from high PR web advocates and move focus on keyword-optimized websites and content .

  • Jag Landar

    Guest posting is a good thing! a whole host of companies use to let you do it the pot is getting smaller. Yapmouth does not let you do it anymore along with a number of other sites.

  • http://www.elijahclark.com/seo-orlando-company.html Darryl M

    If only the bulk of companies who come seeking expertise knew the worth of branding. Alas it is what it is. Steve, I am not a fan of any link building. A website is a marketing asset that should have clear goals. Ranking for KWs was 2000; however, ranking for brand is another education lesson for businesses to learn. Mark my words that even SM authority will land folks in jail soon because even that notion is laughable.

  • http://enfuzed.com/ Enfuzed

    If you own a blog that allows guest posts and a keyword link in the guest author bio, will this affect your blog? or just the guest authors website it’s linking to?

  • nitin tyagi

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