• Durant Imboden

    I’d expect TV.com to do a better job than Google in providing TV listings, just as I’d expect the National Weather Service, Weather.com, or Accuweather to do a better job of providing in-depth weather forecasts.

    (Disclaimer: Like many people these days, I ignore my favorite shows’ TV listings and wait until i can watch a season at a time on Netflix.)

  • Ashis Hazra

    Latest listing news for all (TV listing)… Thanks !!

  • gcarre

    tv.com definitely handles that better I agree.
    I developed followshows.com where users get a nice looking calendar and notifications too (email, ics calendar or iOS).

  • http://www.michaelmerritt.org/ Michael Merritt

    The Google Now reminders also leave something to be desired. I’ve gotten reminders for a couple shows for days ahead of when they actually air.

  • http://www.sundarrawat.com/ Sundar Rawat

    So, they are continuously working for Knowledge Graph feature..hmmm. looks impressive as its completely for searchers and non profiting feature. Does it really?

  • digitalencore

    Yes its coming with the episodes. But can it be affect the search engine ranking?

  • Matt

    Good summary. Incidentally Google does show the knowledge graph for The Walking Dead but you have to enter a more specific search. Namely: The Walking Dead TV Show. See this link:


    I guess Google thinks that the term “Walking Dead” on its own is known enough outside of the tv show not to merit showing the extra information. I don’t necessarily agree with that but it seems thats whats going on.

  • daveintheuk

    This is what you get from thin auto-generated content.

  • dicitz

    Thanks for article!
    I think next step from Goole will be price button in this listing per view the Episodes :)