• Pat Grady

    When is G going to extend this to the landing page (where a script reads an encrypted cookie and dynamically via css replaces the onsite number with a tracked G number)? The hullabaloo over ad numbers is dwarfed by the site-based phone sales tracking opportunity. Most people buy from the site, not from seeing an ad.

  • Asa Shatkin

    I didn’t know this was live yet! Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Carlton van Putten

    Pat plenty of companies can do dynamic numbers on websites that are easily integrated into Adwords Express campaigns. We’re one of them and we’re the best. logmycalls.com

  • http://twitter.com/pearanalytics Ryan Kelly

    Except in the event you’re a restaurant, and people are searching on their mobile device and now have a handy click-to-call feature built right into the ad. But point taken. We use our own tracking numbers, so it’s more annoying to me to have those replaced by Google’s numbers.