• http://twitter.com/bwhalley Brian Whalley

    *makes Google his homepage*
    *uses homepage to search for “Google”*
    “Awesome, removed an unnecessary step. Thanks Google!”

  • fjpoblam

    Seems to run afoul of their decision to get rid of their “iGoogle” attraction. I’d prefer either techmeme or bw.org/end

  • Andrea Moro

    Uo Uo … those instructions were specific to your browser at the time you reach the page?
    Is Google cloaking the page? It looks like giving the candy with one hand and slapping it with the other.
    Something am I missing?

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Google defines cloaking as when you show something only to its spider. If Google goes to this page, it’ll get whatever the page would show for an unknown browser, rather than some custom tips just for Googlebot.

  • Alan

    Wonder if this a precursor to Google putting ads on the homepage. We did see that Nexus ad a little while back.

  • Andrea Moro

    I’m afraid but Google definition of cloaking is not much different from the one in the dictionary


    which in technical details is showing something different to users and search engines as reported here too:

    So it’s not just a Google cloaking or Bing cloaking.

    And reason for asking about “cloaked” message was the way I initially interpreted your message and if this was limited to just two browsers. Serving ad-hoc HTML content (not CSS aka responsive site) to me looks like a very border-line cloak. IMHO.