• http://brent.rangen.net Brent Rangen MN SEO

    Nice, I think this opens the doors up to a lot of different bidding strategies.

  • Katie A.

    I see enormous potential with this ad innovation as well, but my initial look in AdWords reveals the crucial parameter Cost/Conversion missing as an option to change bids!

    It’s possible to use a combined rule of Cost >X and Conversions >=Y for a particular campaign, but that is much less effective than tracking Cost/Conversion directly.

    It looks like Google wants to make it easier for advertisers to automate certain revenue-increasing tasks (such increasing bids when keywords fall below a given average position), but is less willing to facilitate advertiser cost-saving measures such as containing cost/conversion.

    Does anyone else see a way to create an Automated Rule using Cost/Conversion?

  • http://www.iamdavidboyd.com iamdavidboyd

    I can’t wait until they want to hit the algorithms. Wonder who they will buy for that. I think it’s coming since they got duped by Groupon. :)

  • http://braddlibby.wordpress.com Bradd Libby

    Katie A.: “Does anyone else see a way to create an Automated Rule using Cost/Conversion?”

    Average CPA is one of the supported metrics. But, use it at your own risk.

  • http://www.ppc-optimization-secrets.com optimizePPC

    Katie, you are dead on. I got access to the automated last week and tweeted about it then.

    They could easily provide boundaries for cost/conv. , but have designed this with little regard for controlling the bidding from climbing out of control.

    I wound up simply creating avg CPA rules using rolling 30 day avgs for both upper and lower CPA’s. Decrease if avg CPA hits x/ increase if < y. Not perfect but I'm thinking it will keep it in a decent window.

    It makes me wonder if it is designed for those less proactive and want to set & forget.

  • http://topgear.co Benjamin Cull

    Well this could be good if implemented properly, but it could also become troublesome for affiliate marketers. CPA may also be affected severely if they get this wrong.

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