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    Hi Barry,

    I can see Google’s new ‘bid ideas’ being a useful tool for small businesses looking to maximise click volume. However, since ‘bid ideas’ do not take into account anything after the click, such as conversion, page views, time on site and bounce rate, which are all incredibly important for a return on investment from PPC, Bid Ideasis definately more of a tool to help with maximisation rather than optimisation.

    Since the same keyword can perform very differently depending on countless numbers of variables related to your business, I think it’s worth looking at keyword performance yourself, and setting bids in line with your business objectives, rather than letting Google suggest how your keyword bids are managed.


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    You’ve got to admire Google. Yet another tool making suggestions that will probably increase advertisers bid prices and improve Google’s profit margins.

    Adrian Key
    Editor of the AdWords Adviser, making AdWords more profitable for you.

  • pmm

    Hey Adrian,

    I’m Paul McDonald, a product manager for Google AdWords. I just wanted to express that our number one goal for the Opportunities tab is to provide effective optimizations that help advertisers to meet their goals. Advertisers may have a variety of goals including increase traffic, maximizing ROI or reducing their costs. For this reason we are offering both bid raising ideas *and* bid lowering ideas with this launch.

    In many cases, as Barry mentioned in his comment, Google’s doesn’t have the types of information about you and your business to provide the ideal set of ideas but given a goal we can come close. We are working on ways of enabling advertisers to provide us with more information to refine the set of ideas we present with the goal of helping advertisers choose bid, budget and keyword ideas that work best for them.