• Florian Marlin

    Hi ! I’ve received this news by mail yesterday ! But do you know if the Conversion rate and the Cost Per Conversion will be calculted with the “convertid clicks” or the “conversions” metrics ?

    If the logic doesn’t change, it should be on the “converted clicks” but I have a doubt about that…

  • Asim K

    @florianmarlin:disqus, I’d assume there will be a two CVR / CPA calculations, one based on “converted clicks” and the second on “conversions”.

  • http://www.adaptivemarketing.ca/ Jesse Fogarty

    404 error for the link to the email Google sent out.

  • Steve Cameron

    Florian – my concern exactly. Smacks of the EC where many advertisers were suddenly targeting mobiles when they either didn’t really want to or hadn’t even considered it… in this case if an advertiser has two or three conversions set up the default number of conversions will rise and their cost per conversion will fall… tempting them to raise their spend – since things are going so well…. or maybe it will default to converted clicks but somehow, I too doubt it.