• http://www.orientalsharpton.com/ tiennguyen

    “For me, that is not an option. I need the alerts immediately but I also cannot have them in my inbox.”

    Ugh, this.

  • http://kenmorico.com/blog Ken Morico

    This stinks. I wonder if there is an API where someone could recreate this functionality.

  • Rodrigo Mantillan

    Maybe we could use an IFTTT recipe.

  • Marc van Wijk

    I strongly recommend http://www.talkwalker.com/alerts. It’s very similar to Google Alerts, has the same options (including true RSS) but with much better results than GA has.

  • xxdesmus

    http://www.talkwalker.com/alerts/manage is pretty decent for RSS based alerts. Just found them today

  • http://www.forward.ph/seo-philippines.php Stephanie Zubiri Cho

    There goes a part of my content curation phase.

  • http://aardling.com/ Stijn Vogels

    Setup an automated filter for your inbox to move those messages to an fake RSS folder. That way you can still have your own reader, but in your e-mail inbox. That seems fairly straightforward if you ask me.

  • Julie Hong

    Hello Barry,

    Talkwalker Alerts is a great replacement to Google Alerts, have you tried it yet? You can easily import Google Alerts into Talkwalker Alerts, and results are available via RSS, so integrating them on Feedly is not an issue. (www.talkwalker.com/alerts)

  • abigail_rocket_blast

    Over the top and unnecessary. Just because Google Reader has been canned doesn’t mean that RSS feeds, and feed readers, have ceased to exist. It just feels vindictive.

  • http://www.hr4startups.quora.com/ Arkadiusz Dymalski

    IFTTT or Zapier are some kind solution, but not directly similar one (there’s no action for RSS channel in IFTTT). And that would require setting up a separate email to avoid flooding. However there’re alternative services like mention.net or email2rss thing called mmmmail.com

  • Albin

    Google News alerts to email have been well-nigh worthless for a year or so now. I don’t set them any more.

  • Google Glassware

    There are alternatives…I am trying them out now…http://venturebeat.com/2013/05/13/google-alerts-replacements/

    ruined my newspage at http://google-glassware.com so I have to find a solution. I work for FeedWind (a free RSS widget so we are very interested in a solution for our Widget as Google Alerts was used by many of our customers. I found Talkwalker to be very similar and so easy to use. The RSS link appears as an icon next to the feed you created so is a little obscure at 1st but it looks really good so far and so similar to the G Alerts that you wil get going in a minute or so.

  • Google Glassware

    see my post above

  • http://www.bizideaguy.com/ Hernan Charry

    Everyone is talking about replacing Google Alerts. For me, that is not
    an option either. Any replacement is a pale comparison. Instead, sign
    up for http://www.mmmmail.com/ . It is an email to RSS service. Send alerts to your email, then plug that RSS into your new chosen reader. Hope that helps.

  • Will_Rubin

    It appears that mmmmail is not working and hasn’t for a couple weeks now. Not sure if too much Google traffic turned their way or they’ve shut down or what, but no feeds receive data anymore.

  • Jack Barham

    I think this might be helpful. Alerts to RSS are about to launch a replacement for Google Reader providing an RSS feed for Google Alerts at http://alertstorss.com

  • http://rockthestatusquo.com/ Carrie Morgan

    You can set up a rule in Outlook to send your Google alert emails to a specific folder. This way they are there when you need them, but not cluttering up your inbox. Just like with an RSS Feed that you visit at your convenience, you can look at the folder at your convenience.

  • Jack Barham

    This link has your answer http://alertstorss.com

  • http://woodlandcreature.com Alyssa G

    Mmmmail doesn’t seem to work anymore but here’s my solution with a similar service: bit.ly/16RAoXy

  • http://woodlandcreature.com Alyssa G

    Mmmmail doesn’t seem to work anymore but I used another app called Emails to RSS to set up a solution: bit.ly/16RAoXy

  • http://woodlandcreature.com Alyssa G

    Here’s an easy fix until they launch: bit.ly/16RAoXy