• http://twitter.com/jillwhalen Jill Whalen

    Carrie, wish you had mentioned CustomReportSharing.com in the article! We do have (not provided) filters as well as many more!

  • http://twitter.com/ericlanderseo Eric Lander

    Would like to note that I’ve used CustomReportSharing.com a number of times on Jill’s previous mentions and have not been disappointed. Strong resource.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrie.hill1 Carrie Hill

    Hi Jill & Eric – I’ve mentioned CustomReportSharing.com on 3 preivous occasions, it is a great resource that I use all the time!


  • fran farrell

    Because of the Black Swan some tails of multivariate experiments must be binned so that results can be understood. A dashboard that let’s non-statisticians understand what big data is telling them about where their market is and how to reach it is very helpful.

    Congrats, Danny.

  • Conor Treacy

    Huge fan of CustomReportSharing.com – very very helpful

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    Everything is clear in this tutorial :)