• http://goo.gl/UxHbF Brice Hubbard

    This is great. Google has all the info about our sites and it’s about time they shared it with us.

  • http://www.infogeniuz.com infogeniuz

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  • http://fialkoffconsulting.com/landing/twitter/ Josh Fialkoff

    I am not sure why Google Webmaster Tools isn’t completely integrated into Google Analytics. Seems like more people would use both tools and it would help everyone.

  • http://chuckbartok.com Chuck Bartok

    I am looking forward to this addition.
    I agree with Josh Fialkoff, there should be more integration

  • http://www.illuminea.com Miriam Schwab

    As Josh said above, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools should just come together already. Is there any reason to keep them separate?

  • http://www.dreamgrow.com/ Priit Kallas

    +1 to that. I actually went to Webmaster Tools and looked at different reports to see if there’s anything that would justify keeping it separate from Analytics. Didn’t find any.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/markvozzo Mark Vozzo

    Thanks for covering this Barry. This is great news, about time Google Webmaster Tools and GA started coming together. I often find myself jumping between the 2 tools. Having a single view is a much better approach – a welcomed productivity booster.

  • http://www.windfery.com Robert Lloyd

    Hopefully these features will be available via the API. could mean less data sources to aggregate for reporting and analysis.