• http://www.seo-theory.com/wordpress/ Michael Martinez

    Bill Gates made a similar suggestion a couple of years ago.

    With the hundreds of thousands of American IT professionals who have lost their jobs because of obsalence, one must ask why these large companies with deep pockets would not be willing to devote some of that relocation expense to retraining people who already have considerable technical skills.

  • http://gregbo.livejournal.com/ CPCcurmudgeon

    For that matter, they may not even need to retrain most of the American IT professionals who were laid off. It just may be a matter of letting them learn on the job. But the way (at least) some IT interviews are conducted, it’s more important to answer bits of IT trivia than display one’s ability to learn something on the job.

    IMHO, too many companies have swallowed the “A good hire can’t help you more than a bad hire can hurt you” hype.