• http://www.avalancheinternetmarketing.com dangerlarson

    Wonder if the folks at Ask are reading this one. :)

    Dumping quality score altogether may not be the best answer, but more transparency is necessary. I can think of one example where a large company that has sold military insurance for 100+ years, can’t keep an ad running in G to save their lives – tried absolutely everything. Looking at the SERPs for their major keyword phrases shows that most advertisers are having that problem too, except for 1 or 2 who don’t seem to recognize that a $5 minimum click is a sign of a problem rather than the cost of doing business in that keyword market.

  • Winooski

    …as Google grows, the “trust us” approach that served them well when Google was small will begin to crack.

    Most SEMs would probably tell you the cracks have been visible for a long time.

    Thanks for taking such a public stand and offering such great solutions. Here’s hoping “Big G” takes them to heart.

  • http://www.alchemistmedia.com Jonah Stein


    I applaud your call for transparency at every level, but I think disclosing the click cost/bid price to the user is the most important. Obviously this could hurt advertisers as much as help them, but I have long argued that users should understand the clicks that generate charges.