• Tad Miller

    So that’s interesting. Why does Joe Hall have Authorship on this picture I took of my kids?: http://www.webpagescreenshot.info/img/524c92eec852b7-80197260

  • http://churchmojo.com/ Mark Alves

    Hmm, maybe Google knows something you don’t know?

  • Mary Desilva

    What a normal user have to do with this update?

  • steve

    I totally found myself… that was fun. I would have not realized the connection between authorship and the image search until I read this article.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/108858749171200112503 Adreana Langston

    If I am reading this Search Engine Land article correctly I can now go to Google.com/images, search for an image and when results are returned I can see the name of the author who wrote the article in which the image appeared.

    Well that tells me absolutely nothing about who shot the image or about the people/subjects who appear in the image. I mean, +Barry Schwartz wrote the Search Engine Land article. There is an image example in the article. It is a photo of Barry Swartz seemingly live blogging at an event. This image appeared in an article by Barry Swartz regarding whether or not live blogging equals theft. But Barry didn’t take this photo of himself in front of his laptop, a photographer took it. Yet nothing about the authorship mark up next to the the image search query tells me a thing about that photographer.

    This seems to me to be the exact opposite of how authorship should be used. Because the casual web surfer searching for images might get the idea that the people listed next to the image are the people who shot the image.

  • http://www.randyhilarski.com/ Randy Hilarski

    I think it is a great step for photographers and bloggers. For people who take photos and just post them to sites like Google Plus, it just validates that you were the original author. Yes, there will be hurdles but it is a great first step.

  • http://mobile.pixelcrayons.com/ Diya Kapoor

    I think we can relate to this with Google humming bird update as well. Am i wrong..?