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  • SeoExpertsToGo

    Thanks Brian,

    Although I’ve done some work with Froogle and Google Base for my clients (and myself) I haven’t put much effort into it.
    Didn’t feel it was really worth the work (there are soooo many other things to do).
    Now I see I’d better do my homework, and pay more attention to them.

  • eCopt

    Biggest tip for DFO – use required AND optional attributes in your feed files!!

    Put everything you possibly can in and make it sound good and you will get more clicks through and better conversion from Froogle/Base/Live.com products searches and typically show up higher than aged domains (not saying you are going to beat GAP, but it’s possible here).

    You can do similar things with other Google services, like local business center or blog search. Once you get a listing on these or base it’s Onebox time baby!

  • Jeffrey Buechler

    You can also get a very nice conversion lift, once you’ve optimized attribute qualities by offering Google Checkout as an option. Some of my clients are seeing 40% improvement CTR.

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