• http://www.bizwatchsearchanalytics.com Laura Thieme

    I saw this the other day when I was setting up a new campaign for a client. If you go to Site Extensions, you can see that Google Voice has been added, and you can enable call tracking. I am hoping this means we can set up keyword tracking for phone calls. I’m happy to have clients pay $1.00 per call (as opposed to per minute), as long as keyword/campaign/adgroup KPI tracking becomes included. We lose too much data on offline tracking.

  • http://www.danegaydos.com Dane Gaydos

    Google has stated that cost per call will start at $1.00. This statement from Google implies that people will end up having to bid above a dollar per call. It is still unclear how this will integrate into the auction, if at all. Also, calls will count towards a form of CTR and thus quality score.