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    I will go with Google :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/whartleybooth William Hartley-Booth

    Then do it on the new beta graph search bar in Facebook (powered by Bing) and its the second link. Facebook wins :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/whartleybooth William Hartley-Booth

    My search term was “first ever website”

  • http://www.facebook.com/pedro.martheyn Pedrito Lopez Martheyn

    Bing capabilities are quickly changing – for good. I think Bing its providing a better experience to consumers in general, but again you can’t judge base on a few queries.. With that being said, Google remains #1 in the world, however it seems like a new version of david and goliath could take place in here.. Let’s wait and see what the future will bring us..

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  • http://www.seriouslyspain.com/ Seriously Spain

    Bing beats out Google for me 90 percent of the time, as Google is now serving up the websites of mega-corporations that are paying them to be on top of search. So, if I don’t want to have to wade through eHow, TripAdvisor and EBay, I no longer use Google. (I actually no longer use Google, I use Bing. A far more ethical browser, IMO, and Microsoft a more ethical company than Do No Evil Google).

  • http://www.seriouslyspain.com/ Seriously Spain

    Oh and Bing is gaining market share every month. That’s because savvy internet users are now realizing how Google’s constant ‘algorithms’ have done nothing but offer us mega-corporation websites and spam.

  • http://www.richamorindonesia.com/ Rich Amor Indonesia

    I try to search on my new article. And I found that google catch my text at the homepage but isn’t index the url of my post. Bing is slower, because they couldn’t index my recent update of my site, and isn’t index my post yet.

    So, I go with google.

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