• http://mcanerin.blogspot.com Ian McAnerin

    I agree – it’s also making my Google Alerts (one of which is set to my name/site) almost totally useless.

    Fix it, guys. It’s ruining your other services.


  • http://www.searchbug.com/ searchbug

    I run legitimate people search site – SearchBug ( http://www.searchbug.com/ ). We have been online for more then 10 years.

    I subscribe for Google alerts for “searchbug” keyword and I am getting daily messages with about 10 to 15 new “people search” spam blogs that use our brand name (registred US trademark) in the title or body of the blogs.

    Later those blogs start regirecting users to this webiste: people-search.com. Here are some examples:

    This should stop!

  • http://www.peoplesearchnews.com birdswitharms

    My site, (http://www.peoplesearchnews.com) discovered this same issue weeks ago.

    We wrote an article which lists several resources for reporting fake blogs. You can read that article here: http://www.peoplesearchnews.com/technology/what-you-can-do-to-stop-fake-blogs/

    Also, a group of us has gotten together and reported all of these blogs numerous times. So far, I can see no results from our efforts.

    Additionally, the only legitimate update I received was the press release from Searchbug.com, last week.

    Lastly, has anyone considered these blogs will affect our domains? I have noticed that most of the links within these blogs are no-follows except for those pointing to “competitors” domains.

    I hope this problem is fixed soon.