• http://michaeldorausch.com Mike

    Great summary Matt. I’m excited about the changes in local. It’s particularly interesting to me since the new Google Venice office is about 4 buildings away from me, and (thanks mostly to tourists) there’s loads of opportunity to study local here in the real world.

  • Matt Polsky

    Any ideas on what link evaluation method they nixed?

  • davep

    Here are the changes that basically mean “show more Google served content in results”:

    “Improvements to travel-related searches.”
    “International launch of shopping rich snippets.”
    “Improvements to ranking for local search results.” & “Improved local results.” (can these even get more invasive?!)
    “Improvements to coverage of News Universal. ”
    “Expand the size of our images index in Universal Search.”

  • http://www.seobodybuilder.com Russell Jensen

    Now I have to Digg into the internet and find out what that old link signal is… pun intended. If someone finds it first let me know! Tweet me or something @russelljensen

  • http://www.facebook.com/StuartBlessman Stuart Blessman

    Why does it feel like this update just invalidated nearly everything we just went over at SMX West? lol…

  • http://www.cemper.com Christoph C. Cemper

    So the old and out-dated Page Rank is finally disabled 100%.

  • http://www.flashdrivepros.com eddiemurphy

    Interesting. On Jan 20 we fell off the map for many of our top keywords. On Feb 20 everything went back to the way it was before (and just a little better). I though they had just undone Panda 3.2. Good to know 3.3 actually helped us out!!

  • http://www.curtisnoble.com Curtis Noble

    It seems that the link evaluation method may have something to do with anchor text or topic of the page the link is on. The blog post specifically mentions how they often use methods of evaluating links to help understand what the page linked to is about….sounds like they’re saying “anchor text”. But I doubt they would disable evaluating anchor text. wonder what it is. I have seen no rank changes on any sites, including some “test” sites that rank primarily on link-spam. Not yet anyway!

  • abudahab

    Does this also means that links coming to my page from articles posted in syndication services and newswires won’t count anymore too?

  • cindycrijns

    The new way of linkevaluation is probably microformats. Displaying a relation.

  • Chas

    @abudahab, No, that was 3.2 in January- you can now put those links back in, until 3.4 comes out, then you must take them back out, unless you belong to G+. If you live in Venice and can skate backwards on Roller Blades in a Bikini on the boardwalk you will dominate local search, but, all privacy settings will be null and void once you post it to YouTube. If you can do it in a circle, however, it will be visible only to those who have subscribed to your channel, unless they aren’t in your circle, so be careful who you let in your circle, or you may find yourself in an unwanted circle. Now that that’s cleared-up, I am going to go study Mandarin so I can figure out Baidu’s new Algorythm, ‘Grizzly’.

  • http://www.hotels-london.co.uk Michael Cropper

    Interesting information about links and Panda. I wonder if Panda was released at the beginning of the month or “today/tomorrow”. Quite a difference, although I am sure someone will have noticed changes.

    Some other useful quotes about how to recover from Panda: http://mic.cx/y5uxjc

  • http://www.scismmarketing.com EricScism

    I think it’s great that they are taking a more traditional approach to local rankings. They’ve been neglecting a solid formula for local listings and have made them easy to manipulate. Hopefully it helps everyone out instead of just Google.

  • http://www.michaelcropper.co.uk Michael Cropper

    Looks like the official date for Google Panda 3.3 was February 15th from what I can see: http://www.michaelcropper.co.uk/2012/02/google-panda-3-3-15th-february-2012-update-991.html

  • Chas

    PS~ You will receive more +1’s if your attire is a G-string.

  • melbpete

    From what I have experienced there is more mis-information and propaganda from Google than anything else. The more you fear them the more power they have.

    Always remember in reality they provide little more than 4% of internet traffic. I just think we give them more credit and reverence than they desreve, after all they are just a money making machine. They are not here for you or me.

    The sooner we learn to live without them the better off we will be.


  • http://yieldcalculator.org Alan

    Not totally on topic but just unleashing some frustration with Google. When is Facebook going to release a competitor to adsense?

  • Matt McGee

    @Michael – we updated the post this afternoon with the February 27th date that Google gave us today.

  • http://localbizregistry.com LBR

    The Panda 3.3 Update made changes to Google Places and local search– this means it will affect businesses. Business owners who don’t take action are going to lose a huge portion of their market.

  • http://ygbr.me ⌘⌥ Yg!  Ygor Lemos

    There’s a naughty Panda watching all of us in the deepest darkness of the Interwebz ;)

  • http://www.michaelcropper.co.uk Michael Cropper

    @Matt, that’s good to know what the date Google says. Looking at my data there was definitely something Panda related that happened on 15th. From my first hand ranking reports I can only see changes on that date and nothing on the 27th as suggested by Google.

    Either way, there has been an update :-)

  • http://javascriptsandmore.com Shawn Lippert

    Local Search results getting better! That is great news, I guess with Google+ for Business, Google Places YouTube and your business website all linked together with some good business directory listings your local business should shoot to the top of the SERP’S. Thanks for the info!

  • http://www.houseofcopy.com Brian Thomas Clark

    I’m assuming the change in how they evaluate links has to do with the recent proliferation of the “we’ve noticed some unnatural links to your site” messages in GWT? Been hearing from a lot of people recently that there’s a rash of these going around.

  • http://vabulous.com Vania

    I think that when they are talking about analyzing the links more, they may be taken into consideration if a person bounces or stays in the page which the link lead to, to see if it’s relevant, so maybe they are tracking stays on a page from the link in order to determine if the result is relevant. They’re doing all these changes to make results more relevant, so if people aren’t staying on the page they clicked to, then Google might think…”oh, this may not be answering people’s questions.”

  • http://www.foghornlabs.com F.L.

    Great article, but I walked away without a good sense of what these changes mean for marketers and webmasters. My take on the potential implications of the local search, official pages and images index changes can be found here http://bit.ly/feb_search

  • http://www.windows7port.com palla ramarao

    Now it’s more difficult to rank in Google. It has always been that SEO is a “mystic” science which keeps changing ever. The most affected sites are the small blogs. I’ve seen a drastic decrease in traffic (approx. by 40% – 70%) in some of my blogs and my friend’s blogs after the Panda 3.3 update. I really don’t know whether Google has penalized on a country basis or is it still just a level playing turf.

  • http://twitter.com/SPSoftGlobal SPSoft Global
  • http://www.webhostingmadness.com/ Best Hosting

    Bravo..Amazing update. So this is very happy news that Google being very quick on local search results. New Google Panda 3.3 will be more powerfull then 3.2, I thought. 

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