• http://twitter.com/avinashconda Avinash Conda

    To which extent this would effect transcriptional terms? Does this effect any retailers online?

  • yazid chala

    This is some thing nice of them, at least they are creative besides being total DB when penalizing innocent IMers

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000925659209 Kiran Singh Bista

    Is this applicable to Google Groups and StackOverflow only or some other forum too? Because i dont see them in other forums.

  • Kaushalaminc

    Google’s semantic search will definitely change SEO as it looks today. The days have gone to use the traditional ways of searching keywords.

  • Alexander Lavro

    The more of the same type of structured data Google will learn to extract from the sites – the better. Although, there will be more opportunities for webmasters to artificially influence on snippet CTR :)