• http://twitter.com/incrediblehelp Jaan Kanellis

    Don’t you think this is better hence more clicks to the actual article being searched for?

  • Kaj Kandler

    The other notable change is that on the search result page you reach clicking on the Author’s picture/name does not contain the picture of the author – bad UX in my book.

  • Kaj Kandler

    … not to mention that now we have hover only links, the author name and the followers become only apparent as links by hovering. More bad UX in my book.

  • SuperTJ

    Interesting. I’ve been playing with authorship all weekend, trying to
    set it up on a blogging platform with multiple bloggers (painful). I
    just ran a search on Barry Schwartz. I don’t see the authorship photo
    when searching Google for your articles. I see it in the Structured Data
    Tool, but that’s all. I see Danny fine. Randomness?

  • http://www.philippineswebdesign.com/ Phil Web Design

    I seeing the same thing here. But on specific articles it comes up. I have most of my websites displaying authorship in search results (your right, PIA) but often the main domain does not show the authorship photo. I think its just a Google Glitch…maybe they will have this straitened out in the future as this is still quite new.

  • Keesjan Deelstra

    I see now all 3: image, name and number in circels are linking to your profile page