• http://twitter.com/mikelitson mike litson

    You see I got this, but thought nothing of it because it is slightly too late for 90% of us who have already seen our faces slapped next to blog posts in the SERPs assuming you’re as much of an egomanic as me and check these things XD.

  • http://www.bloggertipsseotricks.com/ Mohammad Shadab

    I too have got this email from Google.

  • http://www.thereligionteacher.com/ Jared Dees

    Yeah, I got one yesterday even though I set up rel=author about five months ago. Any idea what this means and why?

  • http://www.monicawright.com Monica Wright

    We’re not sure why some people got it and others didn’t. We’ve had it set up for months as well.

  • http://saidulhassan.com/ Saidul Hassan

    I got one and I have been trying to bring my face to the SERPs for my
    blog posts for a while. Everything failed until I added author bio
    plugin a week ago. Weird, I know!.

  • Tiny Malone

    I got my Author Notification too. Having same issue with rel=author from our spherecontrolseo.com page but not on other blogs. Wonder why?

  • http://frasercain.com Fraser Cain

    I haven’t gotten one yet…

  • http://www.linkstoweb.in/ Vishnu Aniyan

    Yeah, I too got this email from Google.
    I hope they will stick with this Authorship plan for some years.

  • http://twitter.com/keithrozario Keith Rozario

    Me too, just got the email but implemented this for quite some time.

    It’s good to get confirmation though, even though the rich snippet tool was enough. I don’t think anyone could have ‘accidentally’ implemented this. Placing rel=”author” is something very deliberate, and most are definitely going to test their rel=author tags using the rich snippet tool.

  • http://www.linkworxseo.com Link Worx Seo

    Have been using authorship and publisher for some time now as well. No message received from Google. Kind of funny message were just sent out since I just wrote about Google authorship last week.

  • http://www.darnellclayton.com Darnell Clayton

    I didn’t even know this existed until I received an email confirming my inclusion within the program. Not sure if linking my Vimeo account with Google+ triggered this or not (as Google used my Vimeo account as an example).

  • http://makethemclick.com.au/library Mark @ Make Them Click

    I’ve been using author for most of the year and have never received a message like this. I wonder if they are rolling it out slowly in stages to different global areas?
    Anyone know?

  • Dallas McMillan

    You also need to set up your G+ Profile to claim the blog posts as your work and your profile page on the blog as another profile of yours.