• http://www.linkedin.com/in/philipsegal philibuster82

    Should have called this article: “So Google has decided to clutter up the Adwords UI with one more barely disguised tactic to get advertisers to spend more money.”

  • http://technoMurali T.M.

    I hope its ADVERTISERS and typo error in the last line of your article in “To see the metric, advertusers should go to the Keywords ta….”

    Or correct me if I am wrong…

  • http://www.balihillvilla.com DaverDaver

    When are Google going to start getting broken up? And when are it’s ppc advertisers going to realise the bigger picture? They really are Big Brother albeit with pretty colorful type face on a whiter than white back drop.

    Through in depth “FREE” analytics they know your businesses inside out and are effectively charging their hoodwinked advertisers into spending all of their profits in online ad spend as they know your price point to consumers and they definitely know your price point from suppliers. Adding their “Algorithm” as a means of discriminating between who they want too and not to advertise” with them – ie “Quality score, cough cough, my arse”, – this top rank bid price sums it all up – have we really become that blinkered. It’s getting quite comical to watch now in a dark comedy way.