• newsjunkie

    I’m in the U.S. (near Boston) and am getting it.

  • http://www.seroundtable.com rustybrick

    Same here, wonder what is up. I am in NY.

  • http://www.srclarke.com Todd Mintz

    Google Germany looks normal in Portland, OR.

  • Ian

    It seems to be OK now from here in the UK.

  • http://searchenginetigers.com Simon Heseltine

    I just went there now from Virginia, and the Google.de site is gone-o :)

  • http://www.acclivitymarketing.com/blog Solomon Rothman Web Design Search Engine Marketing

    I’m getting the same Goneo site from Los Angeles when I try to load google.de.

  • anonymousconsultant

    I’m in Germany. google.de is offline. It seems that google did not pay the bills. google is not longer owner of google.de. The national domain registry denic.de proofs it.

  • http://www.notsorelevant.com Carsten

    Yes, google.de is offline here (Germany) as well. The message in the blog post actually reads:

    – there is no content for this domain
    – please stop by later

  • http://blog.seoptimise.com kevgibbo

    It’s working fine from here in Sydney.

  • anonymousconsultant

    It’s probably working outside Germany, because the page is still in cache memory of local providers.

  • http://www.directhealthshop.com/seodesign/ SEODesign

    It’s still not working – from the UK. If you check out denic.de and enter google at the top right you’ll see who owns it now (click Akzeptieren to accept to see the result).

  • http://www.cumbrowski.com Carsten Cumbrowski

    Working from Las Vegas, NV.

    “No Content was deposited for this domain. Please come back at a later time and check again.”

    Hello to the other Carsten :)

  • Felix

    Google is not the owner of the domain name
    google.de anymore:

    Try it out at denic.de:

    Fehler 502: Dienst zur Zeit nicht verfügbar
    Bitte versuchen Sie es in einigen Minuten noch einmal.

    Sometimes you get this answer for the owner:

    Domaininhaber: favo
    Adresse: Hellmundstr. 31
    PLZ: 65183
    Ort: Wiesbaden
    Land: DE

  • http://www.seroundtable.com rustybrick

    Rumors are that it was a potential domain name hijack. A commentator at SER said;

    “Two reliable sources here in Germany report that this was an attempt to grab the domain google.de. Apparently, the potential pirate filed for the transfer of the domain at DeNIC (German domain registration) pretending to be the owner of it. Funny story.”

    Wonder if Google will ever tell us the story. :)