• Andrew Goodman

    $30,000? No problem. There was revenue coming in against that, right? No!?

  • http://www.bgtheory.com Brad Geddes

    We all know that to spend this, you already had to have a very high daily budget that says you’re willing to spend that.

    If you change your daily budget more than a % at a time, Google does pop up a warning making sure you meant to change it that much.

    Might be a refund; but the advertiser made some pretty big mistakes and if Google gives a refund – they are just being nice.

  • ganr8790

    As long as the Contents and Partners Network implicitly switched
    on (when creating a campaign) that can happen quite easily – despite
    numerous requests, Google has failed to respond and change it!!!
    In other words – this is a rip off …big time

  • http://www.wordstream.com/features srichardson

    Strange that there hasn’t been an update to this issue on the Google thread. Is the advertiser not allowed to comment or is this a strange, yet original way to get your website’s name out there?