• http://avado.com Dave Chase

    Having founded Microsoft’s Health business and recently launched something (launched at TechCrunch Disrupt a month ago) that has some overlap with Google Health, I’ve had some people ask for my reaction. Here’s my quick take….
    1. It’s tough, even for big companies, to focus on a bunch of different things…but they have bigger fish to fry.
    2. The Health space is a very difficult one. It requires laser focus from the entire company.
    3. As much as there’s a massive consumer-empowerment movement, in order to get ongoing and broad adoption of something in healthcare, one needs to lead with the clinicians.

    If you are interested in more, I’ve written a post on my Seattle Startup Buzz blog –
    http://blog.seattlepi.com/seattlestartupbuzz/2011/06/24/google-health-shutting-down-reaction-from-the-founder-of-microsofts-health-business/ or we’ll post stuff on Avado.com about migration options for Google Health customers.

  • http://Thriveworks.com Anthony Centore PhD

    Google Health would have been a huge asset if Google would have made Google Health into an EHR accessible by healthcare providers. Working in the healthcare industry on the medical credentialing side of things, we hear from providers every day who are looking for an affordable and reliable EHR.

  • Paresh.shrimali

    I think people are Mad. Google Provide free health advise but people waste those money for paid health adviser. we know that health is most important factor of our body but first we take advise from google and then after going for doctor advise. so we should be more clear about our health problem, decease and we get perfect treatment for our health problem.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/marykaylofurno Mary Kay Lofurno

    I say sincerely good job Google. There were strong enough to try things and strong enough to shut something down when it was not working. I am sure that the company and the management team have learned a few things from this. There may be some gem in the rubble they can pick up or maybe not, but they did try.

    I agree with Dave Chase, very hard for a big company to do lots of different things..this is definitely NOT their sweet spot. Plus there is alot of sensitivity associated with medical information online…its just not their business. Now refocus those resources on search & making your tool better.

  • kaychan

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