• http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    Patient medical information is less a technological problem than a bureacratic problem. All that data is a major turf “moat” for various HUGE companies. They weren’t going to ever turn it over to Google so Google could make money off it.

  • http://www.caretalk.com Renata

    CareTALK(tm)and I, personally, will miss Adam — and his commitment to elevating the profile of modern family caregivers within the plans for Google Health’s initiatives. Real consumer-directed healthcare management is a marathon, and we thank Adam for realizing the real generals who will be early-adopters of new technologies, utilities and innovations — driving REAL change — are modern, savvy caregivers. Thank you, Adam — for laying a solid foundation and providing a VISION for a hands-on, proactive management future for consumers to assume their roles as peers of medical/clinical professionals. Renata

  • http://blog.blogcosm.com/ Scott Lawton (Blogcosm)

    Granted that his official bio covers the details, I think it’s worth pointing out that Bosworth’s reputation precedes Google health. Prior to BEA: Crossgain (where he was forced to leave due to a Microsoft non-compete), an XML pioneeer, IE4, MS Access, and Borland’s Quattro spreadsheet.