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    Google definitely stepped it up a notch from the Zietgeist days. This is really helpful information. An interesting feature would be to track it down to the story that caused the spike and then through that data, find a list of sites that catch the trend immediately and then rank sites by number based on consistently being near the impact point of a search trend. Just a thought.

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    I conceived of the Yahoo! Buzz Index about 6 years ago while at Yahoo! The public version of the Yahoo! Buzz Index (http://buzz.yahoo.com/) was built for consumers to see hot trends and developments on the Web. There is also a client version of the Buzz Index for Market Researchers (http://buzz.yahoo.com/client/) which goes beyond what Google Trends does by allowing marketers to slice and dice into demographics, geographies, as well as daily archived trends.

    It is too bad that since we developed the Buzz Index it hasn’t been something that Yahoo! has promoted to advertisers or marketers.