• computerklaus

    Wouldn´t this be a step further towards spam fighting by Google?
    Then again – don´t they have anything more important to do than this?

  • http://advanceinternet.com/ Ryan Miller

    One of the more common instances I’ve seen for this is where Google uses the page name of the root URL as it listed with the DMOZ listing over the actual title tag from the homepage.

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    If Google is providing its users with more relevant and meaningful page titles, the SEOs need to shut up. No page title can be everything to all queries.

    I’m sure people are feeling anxious about Google “getting it wrong” but the proof is in the search referral and conversion data, not in what the SEOs believe should be seen in every SERP.

  • http://www.webenrich.com Web Enrich

    Looks like this a first step towards spam fighting by Google on HTML Title Tags…