• Maryann Kidwell

    The art work is simply beautiful on google. Love it!

  • http://dwl.goneoblog.de/category/google-doodles/ MaMa LeIn

    Nice Google Doodle! Happy 4th July!

  • Diane Griego

    My message was deleted because I am not a liberal falling in line and told the truth about what really transpired in regard to Californias Proposition 8. The voters were cheated not defeated. Comments are supposed to start conversation and mine would have, honest conversation that is. Same sex marriage is being tyranically forced upon Californians plain and simple. Their constitutional rights have been stripped by their attorney general who refused to do the job he was elected to do which is defend their constituants vote. If you or I refused to do our job what would happen to us? We would be fired and replaced.